Dear Aurora Hills Church Family

I pray that you are all home and safe during these incredible times.

In an effort to stay connected and continue ministry, we will be offering a Live streaming message this Sunday morning, March 22nd. We have never tried this before, but after a couple of dry runs, we are hopeful that you will be able to view this week’s service from your computer or smart phone, and interact by using the chat function.

We will be using Facebook to host this event, so you will need to have a Facebook account in order to participate. You can set up an account by searching for Facebook on your device and then following the prompts to set up your account.

Also, you will need to “follow” the Aurora Hills Church Facebook account by searching for it when you are on your account and once you are looking at it, hit the “follow” tab.
We plan to be up and running at 10:30 am Sunday with music while people join us. Just go into your Facebook account, and if you follow us, then you will see our Facebook post pop up in your account and you can click on the link. This will bring you into our broadcast. Then you click on the “live” window to view us. You’ll be able to type in comments that will appear on everyone’s screen, so let us know when you join us.

At 10:45 am we plan to begin the service and we hope you will get a lot out of a message about “Trust”.

Once we have finished, we will stay up for a while so folks can continue to chat.

Thanks for all the positive feedback and support for last week’s prerecorded message. We think this format will be even more engaging. Hope to join you this Sunday!

Pastor Charlie



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