What We Believe

Aurora Hills Church is a member of the American Baptist Churches of the Rocky mountains (ABCRM). What is an American Baptist? What does it mean to be an American Baptist? What makes American Baptists different from other churches? These are all questions that many people ask.

Of course, all Christians share a love for God and a belief in Jesus. However, some of the points below specifically describe us, in our beliefs beyond “the basics.”


  • We believe that the Bible is God’s word, that God spoke it into existence through the men and women who wrote it, and that it therefore carries God’s authority.
  • We believe in being confessional in our faith, rather than creedal. Some churches have creeds from a few scriptures that summarize their faith. We prefer to constantly seek wisdom from the entire Bible, and freshly confess the truths we find as we grow.
  • We believe in standing up for religious liberty. Historically, this has been of great signifiance to the American Baptists. Baptists championed the Bill of Rights, which are the first amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
  • We believe in uniting for the sake of missional work. You may not know this, but we have one of the most successful global missions efforts in the world.
  • We believe in autonomy. Each church membership governs itself, calls their own pastor, and writes their own statement of faith. The local church completely funds itself.
  • We believe that each believer has their own relationship with Jesus, and their own ability to study and understand God’s Word. Further, we believe that God’s people can and should individually approach Him at any time without requiring direction from a pastor or other church officials. Our church leaders are here to serve the membership, not to function as hurdles between God and his people. However, leadership is always ready and willing to join with our believers in whatever way they need.
  • We believe in the imortance of social justice. We believe that every person is loved by, and has value to, Christ, and we seek to see all people find freedom from tyranny and injustice.
  • We believe that people should be baptized when they believe that Jesus died for their sins, and they accept him as Lord and Savior. This is called “Believer’s Baptism”. We believe that the Bible strongly supports this view; because of this, we do not baptize infants, preferring instead to dedicate them to the Lord, and to the church body. Further, we completely immerse (or dunk) people when we baptize. This is not because we don’t feel the sprinkling method doesn’t hold significance, but because that’s how Jesus was baptized.